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  The Impact of Your Donations  

The Impact of Your Donations

The Abolition Institute is a Chicago, Illinois based 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Organization inspired by Illinois’ 175 years of leadership in the fight against slavery.

The Abolition Institute is fighting modern day slavery in the West African nation of Mauritania. An inhuman slavery system, similar in many ways to that which existed in the United States prior to the civil war, is widespread in Mauritania.

The Walk Free Foundation’s renown and comprehensive Global Slavery Index ranks Mauritania as the nation with the highest percentage on Earth of its own people enslaved. Mauritania did not criminalize slavery until 2007 and its weak laws are rarely enforced because

its particularly brutal form of chattel slavery is still widely accepted and practiced by elite families.


Slaves in Mauritania – of all ages - are routinely beaten, raped and denied their fundamental human rights. Slavery in Mauritania is descent based; children are born enslaved and live their entire lives as the property of their masters. Slavery is also race based and  

accompanies a long history of discrimination against darker skinned people in Mauritania.


The Abolition Institute’s innovative work to honor Illinois’ legacy by fighting modern day slavery was profiled in the CNN story, “Abolition in the Land of Lincoln." Our annual event, the Aichana Abeid Boilil Awards, are held every year on Lincoln's birthday and are named after the first woman rescued from slavery by our local partner organization, SOSEsclaves.

The Abolition Institute is currently raising funds for a new vehicle to enable SOS Esclaves to reach enslaved people in particularly remote areas.

A donation of just $50 will cover the legal fees for filing four anti-slavery cases to help free those held in bondage. Sponsors for Abolition Institute programs can achieve the following objectives:

  • Family sponsor: $8000 

$8000 could provide emergency accommodation for a month for 100 families released from slavery.

  • Awareness sponsor: $2500 

$2500 will pay for the Abolition Institute’s online programs for one year – helping to shine the light of international attention on the Mauritanian government’s refusal to end the slavery of its people.

  • Support worker sponsor: $1000 

$1000 will pay for 25 training sessions for four-person teams of local support workers who can identify slavery cases in different parts of  Mauritania in order to help gain slaves’ release.

  • Legal aid sponsor: $500 

$500 will cover the legal fees for filing 40 slavery related legal cases.


Donations may be made online or by check. Checks should be made payable to “The Abolition Institute” and sent to:

The Abolition Institute

4802 N. Broadway#200

Chicago, IL 60640


For more information about the event and sponsorship please contact:

Sean Tenner at (312) 576-8822